never make patients wait for beds again

Do you know which patients are ready to move in your hospital?  No, I'm not talking about bed tracking.  Bed tracking tells you what beds are full. . . but you want to know which patients are ready to be discharged -- information which, when used correctly, causes empty beds to appear on your bed tracking software. Available beds means



safer, more efficient hospital

low ED wait times

0 ambulance diversions

happier patients

happier staff

increased revenues


how we do it

Hospital Management System -- forecasts transfers and discharges so the appropriate staff can be mobilized into action so the patient is moved as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Overall Patient Census 

view every bed in your hospital, automatically prioritized for action by color code. 

Monitoring with Early Warning

Activates staff to take preventative measures against operational disasters

Audit Tools

Trace root cause and other metrics to feed continuous improvement

Action Centers

keep staff accountable in a fair and productive way 


why we do it

We're on a mission to create operationally elite hospitals across the country in order to transform healthcare as we know it.  We take principles that are already being applied in the automotive and logistics industries (think airlines and shipping) and use them to solve problems common to all modern hospitals.  Hospitals are full of people focusing on clinical care and service (and rightly so) but have little time to deal with the operational realities of running a huge organization.  That's why we created a simple and customizable management system to help clinical leaders make their hospitals operationally elite.  Contact us today.