Vantage Commanding Perspective pulls relevant data from all HL7 transactions, tapping into the wealth of operational and clinical intelligence each message contains.  It processes this data through a customized rules engine -- instantly providing actionable insights that forecast potential problems: be it a back up in the Emergency Department or a patient developing sepsis! 


How we do it

Analysis & Design

Nothing is one-size fits all when it comes to the complexities of health care, so we customize CP to every individual client.  After completing several focused interviews with key team members, we identify the data sets that are critical to bringing this system to life.  Then we capture, standardize and format this data into a simple user-interface that gives you a bird's eye view into your operations. 

Forecasting & alerting

As more and more HL7 transactions enter our database, algorithms customized to your 'business rules' begin to pick up on potential problems.  These forecasts are sent via automatic trigger to those individuals most capable of preventing these events.  Your team will have hours of warning to get ahead of the game -- patients and staff will no longer suffer the consequences of last minute scrambling. 

Performance & Optimization

The same data used for forecasting is further manipulated to provide continuous improvement capability.  CP's Performance Centers allow team leaders to easily identify initiatives that work, areas for improvement, and ways to further optimize resources. 



The applications of Vantage CP are infinitely scalable.  From enterprise level monitoring capability to actionable alerts for clinicians in the wards, CP is easily aligned with the issues facing your organization. Here are a few of the ways CP is already working in the real world: 

patient flow

Many patients must wait for care they urgently need because of unavailable beds.  Make more beds available by predicting potential discharges 24 hours in advance.  Get paperwork, scripts, family phone calls, and signatures completed early so discharges happen smoothly and bed space frees up for those who need it.  

Patient Access

Patients shouldn’t have to wait for months to get an appointment with a specialist.  Discover ways to maximize your clinic’s appointment capacity without extra work for your clinical staff.  Both patients and staff will benefit from a smooth, optimized workflow.

Patient Safety

With almost 400,000 deaths per year, its time to finally take a stand against in hospital infections.  Effectively monitor at risk patients using data from your EHR, and be alerted immediately to any patients that may need intensive care.

Patient Care

Get back to the basics of patient care.  Too many patients are not receiving the basic care they need in hospitals today.  Get alerted when patients have not received basic hygienic care in over 24 hours so your nurses can prioritize their days and make sure all patients get the care they deserve. 



aggregated data

We implement a data interface engine to transfer any and all types of HL7 transactions into our database.  This gives you an end to end view of your organization down to the patient level -- encompassing clinical, claims, and EHR data. There's never a need for your team to waste time duplicating their work to use our platform.


We use Guardedata to encrypt and track sensitive data as it leaves your four walls.   Information processed by Guardedata is only accessible by those authorized to see it -- extra security against leaks. 


All of our services are hosted on our servers, so there's no extra cost associated with hardware, software, and storage space.  And because all your data is stored in a central location, we can easily incorporate other teams and departments throughout your organization to create a truly interoperable experience.


CP comes with custom mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android.  Now actionable insight and alerting is more accessible than ever.


Our support agents are available 24/7 via our Help Desk.  We provide system status updates via email, SMS, and twitter.